Drunk Air Traffic Controller Busted for Being Too High On the Job

What's up with air traffic controllers? At this rate, they'll soon rank up there with cops and teachers for crazy antics on the job. This time it's an air traffic controller in Denver whose blood alcohol level tested at almost double the legal limit, six hours into his shift. It appears that he kicked back a few too many before he showed up for work.

FAA authorities are investigating the incident, which happened earlier this month at the Denver Center in Longmont, Colo. The controller, who has more than 25 years of experience under his belt, had been talking to pilots for several hours when officials enterred the center to test for alcohol and drugs. Once he tested positive, he was immediately relieved of duty.

To be fair, the legal alcohol blood level for an air traffic controller is .02. ABC Eyewitness News reported sources as saying that the controller's blood-alcohol level was about double the legal amount, so it could have been around .04, which is still under the .08 that gets drivers in trouble in most states.

Still, the air traffic controller in question was offered a choice of either resigning or entering rehab. A family member told ABC that he chose the latter, and is currently in treatment. Officials said that since there were no aircraft incidents involved, this is an administrative issue, rather than a federal crime.

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