College Life Vs. 'Real' Life: Which Is the Better Deal? [Infographic]

Sick of the student life? Eager to get out into the real world as soon as possible? Rather than race through those college years, you might want to take a few moments to savor them -- especially when you realize just how good they can be in comparison to life after you get your first job.

And that's only if you can get a job. Only about 50 percent of those who graduated between 2006 and 2011 have full-time jobs today, according to a survey taken by researchers at Rutgers University. That's enough to make anyone take want to take their time about graduating from college -- and consider getting multiple internships before they do.

The Degree 360 recently ran some numbers and compared the differences between the college world and the working world. While everyone has to grow up and become responsible at some point in their lives, the following information presents a great argument for putting it off as long as possible. (We run this at the risk of upsetting parents of college students everywhere.)

It's a wonderful student life: college life vs. the working world
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