UPDATE: Airplane Stowaway Olajide Noibi Nabbed in LAX, Faces Arraignment

UPDATE 7/18/11: Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, a Nigerian man who was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport with more than ten outdated boarding passes, will be arraigned Monday in LA on charges of breaching airport security and hopping a free ride on a plane, reports the New York Post.

According to the paper, if convicted of being a stowaway and trying to enter a secure airport area by fraud or false pretenses, Olajide faces up to 15 years in prison.


Olajide Noibi, a Nigerian man who managed to take a Virgin America flight from J.F.K. to Los Angeles on Friday using an outdated boarding pass that wasn't in his name was arrested Wednesday at LAX during an apparent attempt at a repeat performance.

ABC reports that Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi was taken into custody at Los Angeles International after he showed up at the airport carrying more than ten outdated boarding passes and tried to fly to Atlanta. Noibi was charged with being a stowaway. He will be fined and could even face jail time.

An FBI investigation is underway, but an FBI spokesman has already said there is no reason to believe that Noibi was a threat to anyone. The freeloader's entire plot was predicated, after all, on airport personnel paying no attention to their jobs and unraveled completely when a Delta gate agent refused to let him board a plane carrying somebody else's ticket.

A Virgin America stewardess also discovered Noibi's ruse, but only after the plane was in the air, CNN reports.

Apparently, the stowaway told law enforcement personnel that he managed to get through security using just a University of Michigan student ID and a police report saying his passport had been stolen.

The TSA has released a rather sheepish statement saying that Noibi did go through security: "It is important to note that this passenger was subject to the same physical screening at the checkpoint as other passengers."

At least he wasn't carrying a water bottle.

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