'Jersey Shore' Season 4: Low-Watts Discuss Voltages in Italy

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Everyone who travels to Europe knows the wall sockets and voltages there are different than in America. Well, almost everyone.

Apparently no one told that to the cast of the "Jersey Shore", who wrapped filming in Florence for the show's fourth season earlier this summer.

The cast, who was banned from filming at several tourist attractions through the famous city, apparently struggled to figure out how to hook up their blow dryers to those weird-looking electrical sockets.

Across Europe, voltage is about twice what it is in America, meaning our lovely chargers and blow dryers (among other things) will put on a fireworks show if plugged in directly.

This proved to be a real conundrum for the members of the ever-put-together cast, who, it appears from the clip below, had a mild freakout before getting very creative with their math.

Don't let this happen to you: Before heading abroad, invest in a handy universal adapter, like this one from Brookstone, that allows you to plug in anything with two-prongs.


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