'Jersey Shore' Poll Shows People Actually Might Want To Visit

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A new Fairleigh-Dickinson PublicMind poll shows that reality television is not actually scaring away visitors to the Jersey Shore as everyone had basically assumed.

The nationwide poll shows that there is no discernible difference of opinion about the shore of the northeastern state for those who have and have not seen the show about a group of hard-partying 20-somethings, the Associated Press reports.

43 percent of people who have seen the show have a favorable opinion of the Garden State, while 41 percent who have never seen "The Jersey Shore" think just as highly of the state. Neither of those numbers is very high, but they are quite close.

"The show isn't hurting the nation's view of the state," said Peter Woolley, director of the poll, told the AP. "In fact, it may be promoting one of the state's best features – not Snooki, but the shore itself. It seems to me viewers are looking past The Situation to the shore scene itself."

The poll flies in the face of Governor Chris Christie, who last year blasted the MTV show for giving people the wrong impression of the state. The cast responded to the Governor saying that they loved it there. Castmember Vinny Guadagnino added: "If we can help out the pockets of New Jersey that's a big bonus for us."

Two Philadelphians visiting the shore told the AP: "A lot of people from other states think Jersey is trashy, but when you come here, it's a totally different scene," Michelle Diaz said. Added Patricia Garcia: "It's a really beautiful beach here."

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