FrontierVille: 50% off Horseshoe sale for one hour only, finally Horseshoes are affordable


You've got one hour, pioneers. One hour? One hour for what? For 50% off all Horseshoe packages in FrontierVille, that's what! Sure, we're all used to seeing the "sale" pop-up each time we login, that advertizes Horseshoes as being one sale for something around 35% off, but this is a full 50% off sale that is legitimately a sale!

Head to the game's "Get Horseshoes" tab, located above the gameplay area, and you'll see that the prices of all five packages of Horseshoes have been sliced in half. For just $5.41, you can have 75 Horseshoes, with the final package costing a still whopping $108.20 for 2,100 Horseshoes. With quite a few packages to choose from, you should be able to find one or more that fit your budget, but remember, you can always buy separate packages that cost different amounts to add up to something more in the end. Say, for instance, you wanted to spend $15. Even though there's no $15 package, you could just purchase a $5 and $10 package separately to end up with plenty of Horseshoes while still holding onto your budget.

If you're low on coins, you can also purchase coins packages for 50% off, but just remember that this is far less economical in the end, as you'd be able to earn coins faster than Horseshoes, making the deal basically worthless.

Remember, this sale is happening right now, but only for one hour (give or take, whenever Zynga finally decides to hit the "off" switch). If you've ever contemplated purchasing Horseshoes before, but didn't because of their price, make sure to hit this sale while you still can!

Will you purchase Horseshoes in this 50% off sale? What will you use your new Horseshoes on? Will you save them up for something grand, or will you spend them right away? Sound off in the comments.