FrontierVille: 41 x 41 land expansion goals on the move once again


After a long, and understandably frustrating process, Zynga has finally announced that the 41 x 41 land expansion goals in FrontierVille have started rolling back out to users. After being released to a small group last week, and then being delayed for the rest of the community (due to various issues), Community Manager Stumpgrinder has stated that the goals have started tolling out to a "much wider audience," which very well might include you.

Upon logging into your game, you'll be given a pop-up allowing you to purchase the expansion goals, so you'll know almost instantly if you've finally been given the goals. If not, it does finally seem as though these goals are on a regular roll-out, so you should be able to have them within hours, or at least the next day.

If you've been so caught up in not having these goals on your Homestead that you've forgotten what they actually entail, make sure to check out our guide so you can get right to expanding your land! They're not easy, but with a little perseverance (and the ability to actually work on them), a bigger Homestead may finally be within your reach!

Have you finally received the 41 x 41 land expansion goals in FrontierVille? Did you harvest any of your saved crops because you were tired of waiting for the goals to arrive? Sound off in the comments.