FarmVille Summer theme sees return of former 7-Eleven promotional item


Along with the small selection of new Parisian items added to the FarmVille marketplace this evening comes the release of three summer-themed items in the Summer theme.

First is the Kiddie Pool, costing 12 Farm Cash, which comes complete with a cute, animated duck that splashes around in the water while wearing shades. The cute factor keeps going with the Turtle Pond, even though it costs more at 16 Farm Cash. For this price, you have a fairly realistic pond, with three cute (yet small) turtles floating in the water. If you're looking for a water feature to add to any larger garden areas on your farms, this is actually a really great option as it looks manicured enough with surrounding plants to really fit in.

The most interesting item here though is the Fun Slide, which costs 30 Farm Cash. If you were playing FarmVille last summer during the 7-Eleven cross-promotional event, and you purchased Slurpees, you were able to earn redemption codes that would give you these items "for free" (ok, save for the money that you spent on the Slurpee in the first place). Since 7-Elevens aren't available in all areas, I really don't know what to think about this re-release. For one, I'm excited for farmers, like myself, that weren't able to receive one during the promotional event, but on the other hand, it is quite expensive. I suppose this will be one case where I really put the two-week time limit in the store to good use, as it will likely take me that long to determine whether or not the purchase is really worth it.

What do you think? If you didn't receive a Fun Slide last year, will you spend the Farm Cash to have one now? What if you did receive one for free; are you mad that your formerly exclusive item is now available to the entire gameplay community? Sound off in the comments.