FarmVille Parisian Items: Camargue Horse, Chateau, Mime Gnome and more


Tonight's FarmVille update is a small one, but it still comes with a handful of items in the Parisian item theme. There's a single new animal (attention all horse collectors!), a single building, and three new decorations available for your shopping pleasure. How chic!

The new animal is the Camargue Horse, and it costs 24 Farm Cash. For this price, you'll receive an incredibly plain horse, coming in a light gray body color with a cream colored mane. It can spawn the Camargue Foal, if you place it in a Horse Stable however, so there's at least one reason why the disappointing color palette can be looked past. As for the new building, you can now make a major splurge on a Chateau. This large building rewards you with 1500 experience points, but costs 60 Farm Cash, so the reward seems a bit small in comparison. The building, however, is huge, so keep that in mind if free space on your land is lacking.

Finally, you can pick up three new decorative items to add the finishing touches to your Parisian themed area. First is the Parisian Flowerbed, which costs 10,000 coins. Meanwhile, you can light your imaginary streets with Parisian Lamps, costing 2 Farm Cash each, or can add to your Gnome collection by picking up the adorable Mime Gnome for 15 Farm Cash.

Take a look back this selection, farmers. Notice something? There's only one item here costing coins, which, simply put, is fairly disappointing. What's more, when we see such small releases like these, it often leaves us to believe that the theme has come to an end. Is that the case here? Have we been left with just one coin item to send the theme to retirement? We truly hope not, but we'll make sure to let you know either way.

What do you think of these French-themed items? Is the large Chateau worth the very high price tag, or will you simply save your Farm Cash for something else instead? Sound off in the comments.

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