FarmVille: Groovy Cow available as free gift for a limited time


Hear that? Sounds like you should mooooove it quickly over to the FarmVille free gifts page (sorry, I couldn't resist a good pun) while you have the chance. This Groovy Cow is actually a really groovy gift, as it is decently rare, being seen before as a lost animal back in June of 2010. Now, you've got a few hours to send as many of these Groovy Cows as you can, and ask, beg or otherwise plead with your friends to send you some back.

Remember, there's actually a two-for-one deal here, as the more players that have Groovy Cows on their farms, the more chances you have at Groovy Calves, which are even cuter than the adults, if you can believe it.

Again, this isn't a permanent addition to the game's free gifts page, although it is available to send just as easily. If you have any requests left for the day, make sure to spread the love, (wo)man. I'm sure your friends would appreciate receiving this fun-loving cow just as much as you would.

Did you already have a stockpile of Groovy Cows on your farm? Will you use this free gift opportunity to gather anymore, maybe for your farm in the English Countryside? Sound off in the comments.