FarmVille Pic of the Day: Fvbr's cherry tree vortex

farmville pic fvbr cherry tree vortex art
farmville pic fvbr cherry tree vortex art

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Lately, we've been seeing a lot of interesting tree art in our FarmVille Pic of the Day posts. A few weeks ago we saw Jofrost's and Skya's designs that relied heavily on colorful trees to create fantastic effects. FarmVille Forum user, Fvbr, has also hopped on this hot trend by creating a pink vortex using only cherry trees.

At first glance, even the most knowledgeable FarmVille player might struggle to identify the item used to create the pink swirl. The cherry trees are so tightly packed together and hidden by other objects, that it creates a really unique, smooth, bright pink effect.

Unfortunately, Fvbr wasn't available to comment on their farm design. But I'm sure like all our featured farms, it was an epic undertaking requiring a great deal of time and effort. What I like most about Fvbr's farm is that it isn't anything in particular; it's simply a pretty design. Over the past few weeks we've seen farm artists create structures and landcapes, but it's nice to see something completely abstract for a change.

What do you guys think of Fvbr's cherry tree creation?

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