CityVille down? Here are some games you can check out while you wait


Today just hasn't been Zynga's day, at least where CityVille is concerned. The game has been suffering from massive loading issues today, starting with users becoming stuck at the 93% portion of the game's loading screen. Personally, I faced this earlier today, but after a few refreshes, I was supplying my businesses as normal. Things only went downhill though, as the game is now entirely unavailable to play, as of this writing. No really, go try it. Did you get a white screen? Did the game freeze at the loading screen? For most of you (that is, unless you're lucky), the answer to one or both of those questions will be yes. Never fret, though, mayors. All is not lost, and your cities will be retained for when the game is working again (according to the forums, there is no exact ETA).

In the meantime, though, why not take a look at some other interesting Facebook games that you can try out while you wait for CityVille to come back online? Each summary below links to our full preview/hands-on take of each game, so why not check them out?

Pig Up! - PopCap's newest game is available for a limited time, and sees you controlling a pig, with wings! This seemingly simplistic game asks you to click on the screen to send the pig higher and higher while collecting green apple "Flapples." You only have so many flaps of your wooden wings before falling back down to earth, but the game can last just as long as you can, with no time limit. Earn the highest score and you'll climb your friends leaderboard, all of the way to the top. And they said pigs couldn't fly...

Pet Tales - Adopt adorable fluffy kittens and puppies and create a peaceful sanctuary in a park for them to play. You'll have two major goals: to keep your pets happy by feeding and playing with them, and to decorate your park with enough toys and landscaping to draw in other critters with which your own pets can play. Similar to Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS, Pet Tales allows you to get up close and personal with your pets, and has realistic, charming graphics to back it up.

My Country - A city-builder with a twist, My Country allows you to go in-depth on the construction and design of your buildings, as you must not only purchase their bases, but also hire the individual staff members that will work there. You can paint your buildings different colors, and then sit back and watch the many animated vehicles drive through your streets. Who knows, maybe My Country will give you plenty to look forward to in the future, for when / if CityVille ever goes down like this again.

Three games from three entirely different genres - hopefully you'll be able to find one that you like enough to last us until CityVille is back up and running at full speed.

Have you been able to get into your CityVille recently? Will you try any of these games to get you through until the game is back up and running? Sound off in the comments.

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