FarmVille: Formerly iOS exclusive Silver Pony now available to all players

Back in June of 2010, FarmVille received a set of iPhone/iPad exclusive items in its store. While users on any platform could look at the items, they wouldn't be able to actually purchase them on anything other than one of those mobile devices. If you only play FarmVille on Facebook, you were out of luck, but in the case of one item, that's no longer true. The Silver Pony is now available to purchase as a permanent addition to the game's store, but there's a catch: it costs 24 Farm Cash.

If you remember, the original cost of one of these animals was just 5,000 coins if you purchased it while it was exclusive. Apparently, this massive price hike is what we get for wanting items to be available more readily. This is just as bad as (if not worse than) the 2009-2010 price hike on Ornament Trees which we discussed last December. In that case, the price of a single tree went from 1,500 coins to 15-20 Farm Cash.

If this teaches us anything, it's that Zynga apparently thinks we're a lot more oblivious than we are. I truly feel sorry for those who weren't able to purchase a Silver Pony for just 5,000 coins, as they're now left to shell out major Farm Cash to complete their horse/pony collections (unless you grow a Silver Foal into an adult). Perhaps with enough public outcry, the price will be lowered, but as that wasn't the case with the trees above, I wouldn't get my hopes up here.

Were you able to secure a Silver Pony while they were available on the iOS version of the game, or are you trying to decide whether or not the Farm Cash price is worth it now? Sound off in the comments.