Cafe World: Astounding Cafe Expansion now available for (tons of) Cafe Cash


At the end of June, Cafe World finally saw the launch of a new Astounding Cafe expansion, that will give users the chance to place more tables, decorations, and other helpful goodies in their cafe without having everything as cluttered as it (probably) currently is now. However, at the time, you could only earn the Astounding Cafe expansion by purchasing a $35 package including the expansion, a mega stove and a limited edition recipe.

Due to understandably popular demand, Zynga has decided to release the Astounding Cafe expansion as a single purchase item, but the price is high enough to completely invalidate their claim that they released it because they were "listening" to users' complaints. The price? 150 City Cash. I'll give you a chance to pick your jaw up off the floor...

With the current conversion of City Cash to US dollars, we see that the expansion costs just over $27. If you're like me, you'd likely scoff at the very thought of spending that much just for more room in your cafe, but apparently Zynga is convinced that users will pay. As of this writing, there's no coin option available for receiving this expansion, so your best bet is to start patiently waiting (again) for the expansion, as though it didn't currently exist at all. If nothing else, if everyone boycotts this ridiculously high price, perhaps they won't feel they can get away with such prices in the future. Cheaper gameplay options? I think we could all agree with that idea.

Will you purchase the Astounding Cafe expansion for the whopping price of 150 Cafe Cash? Do you think it's reasonable for Zynga to ask for $27 US for a single in-game item/feature? Sound off in the comments.