FarmVille: You can now plant Snow Cones in your fields, for a price


Here's another example of Zynga showing off their greedy side in FarmVille. In a small update this weekend, we see the launch of the new, limited edition Snow Cone crop in the game. This crop is incredibly colorful, and sees you planting bunches of five snow cones that are arranged much like flowers. This incredibly cute crop comes with a catch, though: it's only available to plant if you purchase a permit for 10 Farm Cash.

It's not that we haven't seen this before. Most recently, the Star Flower crop (that's still available in the store for 10 more days) was released under the same setup. Here, your 10 Farm Cash will give you the ability to plant as many Snow Cones as you can / want in a seven day period. After purchasing the permit, you'll find that it costs 10 coins to plant a single square, which are then ready to harvest after 12 hours to receive 200 coins (making it a good money-earned). You'll gain four experience points for each square you plant, so it's a good level-booster as well. Still, the price of 10 Farm Cash will likely sit wrong with many farmers.

Either way, if you're interested in collecting one of every crop mastery sign, you're going to have to pull the trigger on the permit here. The first star comes at only 250 harvests, and with 46 days to plant and master this crop, I'm sure you'll have it completed in no time. Just don't forget about the Habanero Chili crop (you know, the limited edition crop that doesn't go for Farm Cash), as you'll want to focus on mastering it before moving on (it will expire first).

Again, the 10 Farm Cash cost here is entirely voluntary. If you don't care about growing or mastering Snow Cones than you can ignore it entirely. Those focused on crop mastery though, might just want to pull out that virtual wallet.

Will you purchase the Snow Cone permit to grow this crop on your farm? Do you think 10 Farm Cash is an understandable price to pay for a limited edition crop with an exclusive mastery sign, or should they all cost coins? Sound off in the comments.