FarmVille: Parisian Model Farm shows off decorating ideas with new items

It's been a while since we've seen a new Model Farm released for our viewing and shopping pleasure in FarmVille, but this weekend sees the launch of a new Model Farm filled with Parisian-themed items that are currently available to purchase in the game's store for a limited time. On top of the French decorative items and limited edition animals and trees, you'll also see some previously released animals, or even those that go for coins and are permanent in the store. To access the Model Farm, look for the white horse in your neighbor bar at the far right of the screen.

While the Model Farm is incredibly lovely, with plenty of trees, buildings, and animated animals, we have to say the feature remains fairly useless (that is of course, unless you like purchasing items directly from it now that you've seen them at their full size and completely animated). If you're looking for decorating ideas on where to place items (or how to make your Eiffel Tower not stick out like a sore thumb amongst... everything else), then I suppose it's worth a look, but just don't expect to earn any free items for visiting.

What did you take away from the Parisian Model Farm? Do you think the feature is useful, or do you tend to ignore them entirely? Sound off in the comments.
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