FarmVille: Free Mystery Game Dart available to some farmers


We've seen another mystery start to take shape in FarmVille this morning, as farmers are logging into their farms only to be greeted with a pop-up notifying them that they've been selected for a free Mystery Game Dart. For this week's game, that Dart is worth 20 Farm Cash, and you're asked to use it right then and there. There are a few catches before you can use it though, so read on to make sure you don't wrongfully spend Farm Cash.

First, if you receive the pop-up below, you'll need to make sure your Gift Box currently sits at 499 or less items. If it's at 500, you won't be allowed to play, as the game's limit is 500 items in your Gift Box, and there's no "room" for another - although we all know there are ways. Second, the dart doesn't seem to actually be appearing in users' gift boxes, so if you had to empty out your gift box, you'll have to manually go back into the store and access the Mystery Game that way. From there, make sure you're looking at text that says you have a "FREE PLAY" or else you're about to pay Farm Cash. If all else fails, empty your gift box to under 500, refresh the game and hope for the best.

This mysterious free Dart appears to function on both the Home Farm and your farm in the English Countryside, but just as the random appearance of Dartmoor Ponies originally had no explanation (we later saw it officially announced in an email that only certain farmers received), there's no explanation for this free dart either. If we had to make a guess, it would be that we're all being compensated for missing out on a few days of last week's game, which was cut off early for the current game to become active. Either way, with this week's game containing a slew of Rainbow-themed animals, you'd be amiss to not use the dart since it is entirely free. Here's a rundown of what you have a chance of winning. Good luck!

Did you receive a free Mystery Game Dart when you logged into your farm this morning? Were you able to use it without being charged Farm Cash? Which animal did you end up with? Let us know in the comments.