FarmVille fan survey hints at future limited edition item themes


If you're into letting your voice be heard in FarmVille, be sure to be on the lookout for a "Feedback" prompt underneath the gameplay area, in the same area where you'd find Sponsored Links for free Farm Cash activities. A new survey is now available to complete that hints at many possible future limited edition items themes, and we're asked which ones we like the most.

The possible themes were even given some examples as to items that could become available, but unfortunately, many sound identical to items already available in the game. Here are our choices, taken directly from the survey:

  • Australia (Aussie animals, Sydney opera, boomerang,...)

  • Wonders of the world (Egypt's Pyramids, China's Great Wall, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa,...)

  • Greece (white roof house, ancient Greek sculpture, Mediterranean landscape,...)

  • Mid-summer dream (fairy forest, secret garden and magic waterfall,...)

  • Argentina (soccer clubs, gaucho cowboy ranching, Iguassu falls,...)

  • Horseback riding (corral fences, riding school, horse show arena,...)

  • Summer vacation (lake cabin, tire swing, whitewater raft,...)

  • Industrial Farm (high-tech buildings, irrigation, canals,...)

  • Hawaii plantation (tropical crops, trees, buildings,...)

  • Water park (water slide, pool floats, water guns,...)

Out of all of these, I can see users clinging to those like the Horseback Riding theme, as the game's many horse collectors would then have a more grand area on their farms within which to show off their prized collectibles. Personally, I'd love to see the Water Park theme come to life, especially if we were given the opportunity to build our own water slide, similar to how we've been given Moat or Train Track pieces to put together in the past.

While this survey is preliminary, and we have no guarantee that any of these themes (let alone all of them) will actually come to life in the game, it is interesting to be in on some of the thought process that Zynga's dealing with for future game updates. Who knows? Perhaps the theme you vote for will be released in the near future!

Which of these themes did you pick as your favorite in the survey? Are there any particular items you'd love to see in a specific theme, or are you open to all of these ideas? Let us know in the comments.