Mike Quade, Chicago Cubs Manager, Treated to TSA Patdown

Mike Quade, Chicago Cubs Manager, Treated to TSA Patdown

Associated Press

Before hopping a flight home from the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade got the full TSA handling.

Quade was heading home from Phoenix when the TSA detained him for about 40 minutes, patted him down twice and searched his bags multiple times, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"I guess they thought I had a bomb or something," Quade told the paper. "You hear about it, but now I get the full patdown (and the question) 'Are you sensitive in any areas?'"

He suspected a gold chain he wears is what set security off.

Luckily for Quade, who was taken to a back room for an additional search, the screening room detour didn't cause him to miss his flight.

Quade isn't the first power player to get the TSA treatment. Just Wednesday Donald Rumsfeld was patted down in Chicago, tweeting: "It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through the TSA..." TV star Khloe Kardashian once compared the TSA's search procedures to rape. And, former MTV-VJ Susie Castillo also complained about being "molested" by a TSA agent after refusing a full-body scan.

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