Marian Paterson, 94-Year-Old Woman, Gets TSA Patdown


Marian Paterson, a 94-year-old woman randomly screened by TSA agents at Raleigh-Durham International, took to the airwaves to complain about her treatment.

Paterson was flying home to Florida after visiting her daughter in North Carolina. ABC News reports that Peterson was pulled out of line and forced to stand while she was patted down very thoroughly by a polite female agent.

Paterson told a TV camera crew, which - rather oddly - also asked her to stand up and spread her arm, that the whole experience was too much for her and that she didn't understand why "of all people in America, why they'd pick out some little old lady."

Her son, Joe, told ABC that "they groped her...all over her body." He believes the TSA went too far. A TSA rep told the news station that they had yet to be contacted by the family.

A similar incident occurred in June when a 95-year-old cancer patient was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper.

In light of a new government study showing that there were some 25,000 breaches of airport security since 9/11, should this sort of incident cause concern one way or another?

WATCH Paterson speak out below:

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