FrontierVille Pioneer Trail music video reveals new details about the expansion


Get this: the FrontierVille team apparently got bored this week (because, you know, there are no bugs to work on fixing or anything), so they've created a music video detailing the upcoming Pioneer Trail. This music video comes to us from the "Horseshoe Bottom Boys," a band made up of Fanny Wildcat, Hank, Frontier Jack and Granny, and the song is called nothing other than "The Pioneer Trail."

The folks at CEGamers have tracked down a high quality copy of the video, which was originally posted by Zynga on Facebook. In it, we see that we'll be headed out on the Pioneer Trail by our lonesome, as we say goodbye to our spouse and children to take on the trail alone, hence the need to hire folks like a Carpenter, Hunter and Doctor. As these characters perform actions, we see items like food or medicine drop as bonus items, along with a golden, circular TP icon. We can only assume that "TP" stands for "Trail Points," which will likely be some form of currency or at the very least score boost that we'll use only in the expansion. That's speculation, of course, but it is an educated guess.

At some point, we'll get out of our wagon and explore the wilderness, where we may be attacked by wolves. Our path will be blocked by snow that falls in between mountains, and we'll need to put out a prairie fire by having friends bring buckets to pour on the flames. We know that this is a friend-based activity as you can see friends' profile pictures above their avatars.

One final thing to note is that we'll apparently come across some... interesting critters in the forest, as we see a single shot of what appears to be a turtle/raccoon hybrid being waved around by the tail by the video's main character. You can find the full video below; just make sure to not have the volume up too loud, as your friends might look at you a bit weird when the bluegrass starting blaring.

What do you think of this new music video? Which element are you most looking forward to in the new Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments.