FrontierVille Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos Event: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos
FrontierVille Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos

As if you weren't prepared enough for the Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille, creating a nearly endless amount of Golden Hammers. Zynga has released yet another series of Goals in preparation for what better be the biggest, baddest expansion we've ever seen in an overarching event: Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos.

The event is broken up into a series of three Goals, but each Goal contributes to the event, which will only be around until August 15. (Perhaps this is the cut-off date for the Billion Hammers event, but I wouldn't hold your breath.)

Within the Goals, players must collect Fingerpicks to unlock three brand new items, and the faces of one crazy banjo player. While these items aren't connected to the Pioneer Trail, you might want to do at least the first Goal to see a new music video that Zynga threw together with some telling imagery about the upcoming expansion. Let's get to pickin'.

FrontierVille Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos 2
FrontierVille Packin' Bags and Pickin' Banjos 2

1. Pickin' Banjos

  • Collect 9 Fingerpicks

  • Watch the Bluegrass Music Video for Pioneer Trail

  • Collect 15 Bluegrass Songbooks

The nine Fingerpicks can be found by tending to Horses, Oxen, Cows and Mules, though the drop rate for the item appears to be random. Then, you'll be treated to a pretty hilarious music video teasing more features in the upcoming expansion--though, it's a requirement, so your tolerance for blue grass will be tested. The 15 Bluegrass Songbooks must be requested from your friends. Your reward for completing this Goal is a measly 750 Coins and 750 XP, but turning in those Fingerpicks to the event window earns you a Bundle of Sunflowers, a Pile 'o' Cooking Gear and a Hoe-Down Bear.

Pickin' Banjos
Pickin' Banjos

2. Packin' Bags

  • Buy 2 Dinners from the Market

  • Tend 50 Cows on your Homestead

  • Request 20 Pieces of Cookin' Gear

The two Dinners from the Market will cost you a total of 640 Food. Each Cow can be tended to every 10 hours, so this is going to take a little while unless you shell out the whopping 38,250 Coins for all 50 Cows. The 20 Pieces of Cookin' Gear must be requested from friends, unfortunately. For completing this Goal, 1,000 Coins, 1,000 XP and a Toy Wagon are all yours.

Get Ready to Get Down
Get Ready to Get Down

3. Gettin' Down

  • Visit 20 Neighbor Homesteads

  • Fulfill 5 Friend's Wish List Requests

  • Collect 15 Hoedown Banjos

To visit your Neighbor's just click on their portraits on your Friend Bar, and select "Visit"--it's really that simple. But before you do, just hover over their portrait for a second longer to cause their Wish List to appear. If you have an item that they need, you will see the option to send them said item. All the while, ask your friends (again) for 15 Hoedown Banjos. Finish these three simple tasks, and you'll earn another 1,000 Coins, 1,000 XP and a White Rabbit. Now are you ready for the expansion? We thought so.

[Sources and Image Credits: Zynga, FrontierVille Info]

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