FrontierVille Mystery Crate hides mythical Jackalope, Eagle and Anole

FrontierVille Mystery Animal Crate Jackalope, Eagle, AnoleA rabbit with antlers? Who in the world thought that one up? Anyway, Zynga has released a new Mystery Animal Crate to FrontierVille that contains the mysterious (and completely fictional) Jackalope.

Well, don't tell that to those southwestern folk. The Mystery Crate, which costs 40 Horseshoes (about $5), also features the most iconic bird in the history of the nation, the Eagle ... and the Anole. What a motley crew, huh?

At any rate, the Jackalope is essentially your standard bunny rabbit, though with antlers planted on its head. However, you'll notice the clever nod to Pikachu (you know, the Poke--forget it) in that yellow one with brown stripes. It's other varieties include boring white and brown.

The Eagle comes in standard black, gray and brown tones while the Anole Has some crazy color combinations including one an orange body, orange eyes, a blue belly and yellow stripes. This Mystery Crate is only around until for another two weeks, so scrounge up those Facebook Credits quick if you want Pikachu--I mean, a Jackalope.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Legend]

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