FrontierVille: 41 x 41 land expansion goals delayed indefinitely?

About a week ago, a few very lucky FrontierVille players were given access to the new 41 x 41 land expansion goals on their Homesteads, but the rest of us have been left in the dark. While a slow rolll-out is one thing, no additional users seem to be gaining these goals at all. Basically confirming this fact is Community Manager Stumpgrinder, who posted on the game's official forums that we should all simply harvest our crops (that is, if we've planted peas and the like to prepare for the goals ahead of time), rather than keep our lands cluttered with crops that will apparently have time to wither before we receive the goals.

The cause for the stoppage was, as you might have guessed, a series of bugs and other problems that Zynga apparently wanted to work on before the rest of the community had access to the goals. We appreciate bug fixes as much as the next player, but it seems as though they've completely disregarded these goals in favor of the One Billion Hammers event, save for this slight announcement of the delay. We're told that "everyone will get [the goals] eventually," and to have patience, but I can totally understand user annoyance.

The kicker? Stumpgrinder blatantly admits that Zynga didn't want to let this goal series' problems "get in the way of other features we wanted to deliver after that." That sure doesn't sound promising for a quick fix on these goals, especially when we've been given sneak peeks to other features, like an upgrade to the Doctor's Office that will allow storage for Injured Critters, that will be coming next week. I guess now, all that's left for us to do is wait, impatiently I'd imagine, until "eventually" finally arrives. We'll make sure to let you know when it does.

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Did you receive the 41 x 41 land expansion goals before the rollout was slowed / stopped? What do you think of Zynga's apparent decision to only work on fixing these goals in the background, while they continue to roll out other features to the game? Sound off in the comments.
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