FarmVille Mystery Game (07/14/11): Rainbow items show off their colors


While it may not be Sunday, a new round of the Mystery Game has launched in FarmVille this evening, bringing with it six rainbow-themed items. To be clear, most of these items have a base color of white, with rainbow accents in their coloring, rather than being an actual rainbow that you'd see in the sky. One final item is a decorative animal that breaks this rule.

This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play (which is higher than the "normal" 16 Farm Cash price), but comes with three different horse breeds, so if you're a collector, you have a lot to be excited about here. Here's what's available:

Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Mini Horse
Rainbow Panda
Rainbow Pony
Rainbow Rabbit
Rainbow Stallion

The Rainbow Lorikeet is the odd-man-out here as the decorative bird looks normal, and doesn't scream of "rainbows." Still, it's a cute bird, for what it is. Also breaking with tradition this week is the game's expiration date, as you'll have ten days, rather than seven, to try your luck at throwing darts at the board. Presumably, this will all see us returning to a "normal" release schedule, but either way, we'll continue to stay on top of things and let you know what next week's game contains.

Which of these items are you hoping to receive from the Mystery Game? Which of the three horses/ponies do you think is cutest? Sound off in the comments.