Empires & Allies Bastille Week revives the spirit of the French Empire

Empires Allies Bastille Day
Empires Allies Bastille Day

You know, for all the ragging we Amurricans do on France for its views on diplomacy, politics or whatever else, we often forget that it helped make what we have now possible.

So, let's forget the silly differences for a minute, shall we, and celebrate Bastille Day ... by blowing each other to smithereens. (That's the way to regain their respect, guys!)

Zynga has released a slew of French-themed military units, buildings and decorations to Empires & Allies. Of course, most of which cost Empire Points, but I bet these will do really well across the Atlantic:

Bastille Tank

  • Costs: 16 Empire Points, 50 Oil

  • Class: Tank

  • HP: 75

Rafale Fighter

  • Costs: 36 Empire Points, 30 Oil, 15 Iron

  • Class: Fighter

  • HP: 80

Army Target Range

  • Costs: 18 Empire Points

Empires Allies French Items
Empires Allies French Items

French Flag

  • Costs: 10 Empire Points

Napoleon Statue

  • Costs: 20,000 Coins

French Cottage

  • Adds: 50 Population

  • 200 Coins Every 6 Hours

  • Costs: 750 Coins, 75 Wood

[Source: Empires and Allies Strategy]

Have you picked up any of these items in honor of Bastille Day? What do you think of Zynga's approach to internationally themed events and items? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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