Building the CityVille Hotel Resort: Everything you need to know

CityVille Hotel Resort
CityVille Hotel Resort

Now that the Beach in CityVille has opened up for business, Zynga has released a brand new feature to the game: Hotel Resorts. This brand new building was teased earlier in the week, and it's actually more interesting than we previously guessed. This building is a Business that, when surrounded by other Businesses, increases in payout.

Better yet, players can invite their friends to stay in their Hotel Resorts, as long as there's vacancy (seriously). From there, messages can be shared across games through the building, and visiting your friends' Hotels can unlock special items for you. And, like all new features, it starts with a Goal:

1. Now, That's One Classy Joint!

  • Place Hotel

  • Complete Hotel

Place Hotel Resort
Place Hotel Resort

Once you receive this Goal, you can place the foundations for the Hotel immediately from within the Goal menu. Of course, the Hotel will take a few Energy to build up (6 to be exact), but after that, you'll need to ask your friends for a few items ... okay, a lot of items. However, a fancy Hammock decoration is in it for you for completing the building the Goal. Here's what you need to collect from your friends:

  • Hotel Resort Add Business
    Hotel Resort Add Business

    5 Satin Pillows

  • 5 Toiletries

  • 5 Sunglasses

  • 8 Beach Towels

  • 8 Bathrobe/ Slippers

On the Outside

Once the building is finished, you can give it a name. Then you must supply the Hotel with Goods like any normal Business, and in this case you'll need a whopping 500 Goods to supply it.

Then, start surrounding it with other Businesses to increase its payout--the more Businesses you surround the Hotel with, the more residents will check in for a night, so to speak. This increases how quickly you receive payout from the Hotel. However, it's important to keep your surrounding Businesses supplied as well so as to keep more customers checking into your Hotel.

Hotel Resort Invite Guests
Hotel Resort Invite Guests

And On the Inside
Click on the floating arrow above the Hotel to take a look at the options you have inside. From here, you can invite your friends to become VIP guests in your Hotel. However, it appears you can only have five VIP suites, but upgrading the Hotel will increase that amount--more on that later. Friends can still become normal guests, and the more you have of those, the faster you'll earn coin. Guests can also come from Cruise Ships, so it helps to keep those running at all times as well.

The Paying Customers
Okay, you don't really have to pay to be a guest in a friend's Hotel, but that's what you would be elsewhere than CityVille. (Thank heaven for the Internet, eh?) Once inside, you can ask to have your room upgraded, which increase the rewards you receive as a guest. You can also ask friends for VIP status, which yields the best rewards.

Hotel Resort Upgrade
Hotel Resort Upgrade

Making Renovations
The Hotel can initially serve 500 guests, but that number can be expanded to 1,500 guests and 10 VIPs through Upgrading. However, upgrades to this building are far more involved than your standard Businesses (or maybe just more drawn out). Here's what you'll need for your first upgrade to 1,000 guests:

  • Harvest the Hotel 10 Times

  • Place 3 Businesses near your Hotel

  • Gather parts to upgrade your Hotel

*Keep in mind that if you follow the above guide close enough, you'll reach these upgrade goals in no time.

[Sources and Image Credit: Zynga, CityVille Wiki]

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