CityVille: Expand to the Beachfront for true beach bum living


If you've been waiting to build your bridge or further expand across the river in CityVille due to the inability to build on the actual beachfront property when you get there, your waiting period is over! Taking "beach bum" to a whole new level is the ability to now expand onto the white sandy beaches of your town! Formerly, you would see red and white off-limits signs on the beach, but those have conveniently been removed.

Of course, you'll need to complete the standard expansion requirements to be able to expand onto the beach (have a certain population and collect Zoning Permits), but at least now, when you purchase items like a Jet Ski or Boat Shop, beach umbrellas and the like, they can actually go on the beach, or at least much closer to the water, where they belong.

Speaking of beach or summer-themed decoration, you can receive a whole new batch of them by completing the Hotel and Hotel Goals that launched in the game this morning. Be sure to check out our complete guide to completing those goals to have an easier time at completing them.

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Are you excited that you can now build on your Beachfront in CityVille? Have you been saving up beach or water themed items for this release? Sound off in the comments.