'Carmaggedon' Be Damned: The Open House Will Go On

Neither rain nor sleet nor hail nor freeway closures shall stop the mighty Realtor from his or her appointed rounds. While officials are predicting dire traffic consequences from the planned closure of a 10-mile stretch of Los Angeles' 405 freeway for 53 consecutive hours beginning tonight, most real estate agents aren't going to be deterred from holding their traditional weekend open houses.

Carol Wolfe, a Realtor who posted on the Patch for Encino -- pretty much Ground Zero for Carmaggedon -- predicts that this will be a banner weekend for open houses. People will linger longer this weekend, she said, since they aren't going to want to face driving anywhere. Certainly bored neighbors are likely to stop in -- and many agents consider neighbors to be a targeted group for open houses.

Most agents agree that a lot of people likely will be deterred from driving too close to the closure zone by one of those ubiquitous warning signs predicting the Mother of all Traffic Jams, but still they are expecting good turnouts -- with one caveat: The agent needs to live near the listing. Because, seriously, nobody wants to drive anywhere this weekend.

A guide to open houses can be found here. For Carmaggedon updates, stay tuned here.

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