Working From Home? Eight Amazing Workspaces to Inspire You

With the internet as an integral part of nearly every company's workday, more and more employees are being allowed some work-from-home privileges. Still others run businesses out of their homes. But who says working from home has to be boring? We found a collection of home offices that exemplify creativity and break free of the 'white-walls-and-beige-carpets' mold.

1. More for Less

This one-walled home office takes a nice approach, with clean white shelves and splashes of earth-toned color. Selective lighting emphasizes various items on the shelving.

2. Forever Commuting?

Tom Foxcroft of England came up with a clever way to extend the life of old railcars from "the Tube" when the London Underground put them out of service. He put them on top of other buildings in East London and rents all but one car to others who run creative-minded start-up businesses.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Los Angeles designer Jeremy Levine created this warm space for a client. Many materials throughout the office were built using recycled pieces of the client's old house, which had been demolished. The sliding glass doors open to an "interior pocket courtyard" that features bamboo.

4. A Room With a View

Steve Kelley's home office features a fantastic view and "all the essentials." Overlooking Jersey City, N.J., Kelley's view extends all the way to the New York City skyline on a clear day.

5. Living in a Van, Down by the River Surf

Garrett Lisi lives out of this white Ford van on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Having turned a profit by investing in Apple before its rebound, Lisi was able to move to Maui and pursue independent studies in physics while surfing all the while.

6. Wood, Wood Everywhere

Dave King is the miller at Eskdale Mill in Cumbria, England. With all of the wood and stone in King's office, one would be hard-pressed to find his desk at first glance!

7. The Italian Job

Blogger Alex Roe was invited to spend a week in Chiantishire after offering advice to the owner of Tuscan Enterprises in Tuscany, Italy. This puts "working from home" on a whole new plane!

8. No Man Is an Island... least not with a strong WiFi signal! This "workspace" in Melbourne, Australia, emphasizes the "get out of the office" lifestyle that so many employees struggle to attain. Sometimes, simplicity rules -- here, with just a chair, an upended-trash-can-as-end-table and a small bench.

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