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Fresh & Easy "Boutique" grocery stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that feature unique and healthy food are becoming more popular these days, and they're creating a large number of jobs across the U.S. One of the latest entrants into that category is the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market chain, an export from the U.K., and it's growing so fast that it's going on a hiring spree in California.

With 176 stores already established in California, Nevada and Arizona, there are three new stores getting ready to open in the Golden State, and there will be at least 25 employees hired for each, both full and part-time. That's in addition to the 300 people who were and are employed in the construction of each store, so Fresh & Easy has been responsible for creating almost 1,000 jobs in these areas over the past year.

Applications are currently being accepted for the two stores opening in Long Beach, and one in Hayward. With little or no experience, you'll start at $10 per hour, but you'll also be eligible for quarterly bonuses of up to 10 percent, a 401(k) with company match, a paid-time-off program, and life skills training.

One of the best perks of working at Fresh & Easy is that if you're on the company clock for 20 hours or more per week, you could be eligible for "affordable and comprehensive" health care benefits, that include vision, prescription drug, dental and medical coverage with Fresh & Easy paying at least 75 percent of the cost. Company reps also note that there's also plenty of opportunity for advancement. It's reported that more than 200 employees were promoted to management positions last year.

All this, and you'll be working in a green environment. Fresh & Easy claims that its stores on average use 30 percent less energy than most supermarkets, by a combination of LED lighting, and special refrigeration and freezer units. And the company even recycles or reuses all of its display packaging.

To apply for positions at the new California stores, or to see what types of jobs might be available at Fresh & Easy in your area, visit the company employment website, at

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