Lunchtime Poll: Is the FrontierVille One Billion Hammers event overkill?

FrontierVille One Billion Hammers
FrontierVille One Billion Hammers

The Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille is almost upon us, but it's up to you and I to make it happen. At least that's according to the One Billion Hammers event going on right now in the game. It's said that as soon as 1 billion Golden Hammers are created, Zynga will unleash the Pioneer Trail on homesteaders everywhere, and donate $200 thousand clams to Save the Children.

However, the event has been going on for two days now, and has just reached over 86 million hammers. At this rate, it could take weeks before the Pioneer Trail opens up. More importantly, you have to imagine that Zynga is already done with (or extremely close to finishing) preparations for the new expansion, if it was willing to leave the release up to the players.

And does the developer expect players to forget all of their other Goals (like the Beastly Land Expansion) or responsibilities in lieu of collecting a massive amount of Golden Hammers? Who knows, but what we do know is that you must feel some type of way about it, so we ask you:

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