FarmVille Summer Items: Sit around a Firepit next to Row Boat Lake


If you're in the mood for some outdoor summer-time fun, why not take a look at some new themed items in FarmVille that will let you do just that... well, virtually at least. Unfortunately, this release is fairly limited, offering just a new building and a handful of decorations. But, when you consider that two other themes received items in this update as well (Spain and Parisian), I suppose that doesn't seem so bad.

For the new building, you can now purchase a Summer Lake Cabin for 25 Farm Cash. That's actually a fairly decent price; remember, we often see buildings priced at over 40 Farm Cash each. The building event comes with some accompanying trees, and a canoe, so make sure to check out the preview here to see what the full item looks like.

As for the decorations, pay special attention here, as one of them is a re-release from a previous theme. That item is the Dahlia Flowerbed, which costs 5,000 coins. The other items are the Row Boat Lake for 15 Farm Cash, a Summer Fireflies item for 7 Farm Cash, and a rocky Summer Firepit for 20,000 coins. The Fireflies is a particularly lovely item, as you'll get a yellow and orange flower bush, along with yellow fireflies floating above it. The game's preview of the image doesn't show these fireflies moving, unfortunately.

All of these items will be available for the next two weeks. These Summer-items not doing it for you? Remember, you can check out the Parisian and Spain themes as well before they expire; you never know - you just may find something you never knew you needed!

How many of these summer-themed FarmVille items are you planning on purchasing? Did you already purchase Dahlia Flowerbeds when the item was originally available? Let us know in the comments.