FarmVille Spain Animals: Pottok Pony, Latxa Sheep and Spain Flag Pig

Tonight's FarmVille update sees the launch of all new items in the Spain theme, with quite a few animals being available for your various collections. There's a new Sheep, and a new Pig, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like either will contribute to breeding. Meanwhile, a new Pony will make horse collectors very excited.

The three animals are the Latxa Sheep (20 Farm Cash), Spain Flag Pig (18 Farm Cash) and Pottok Pony (24 Farm Cash). As with other flag-patterned animals, this Spain Flag Pig isn't specifically named a "Boar," so you can't expect to breed a pen of Piglets with this pattern (unfortunately). Meanwhile, the Latxa Sheep is an incredibly wooly little fella, that is inspired by the real-life sheep that are native to Basque Country in Spain. Finally, the Pottok Pony may not immediately scream of cuteness, but I personally think there's something pretty endearing about this tiny Pony. Just remember, this Pony can be bred, allowing you to share Pottok Pony Foals with your friends if you choose.

Regardless of the animal you pick, you've got two weeks to do a bit of shopping for your barnyard. After that point, these animals will disappear from the store, and there's no telling if or when they'll ever be re-released.

Which of these animals are you planning on purchasing in the coming days? Would you buy either the Sheep or Pig if you knew they could pass their traits on to Lambs/Piglets? Sound off in the comments.