FarmVille Parisian Trees: Grow French Bread on your farm, no cooking required

A set of whimsical new trees has launched in the small Parisian item theme in FarmVille this evening, as farmers are now available to purchase a set of trees that will allow you to grow French Bread without the need for baking - or a stove! The French Bread Tree costs just 5 Farm Cash, while the Big French Bread tree costs double that, at 10 Farm Cash.

Of course (as if I need to say it anymore), you don't have to purchase the Big French Bread Tree outright. You can simply wait for your regular French Bread Tree to produce one as a Mystery Seedling in an Orchard, or claim one from friends that post on the news feed. Both of these trees can be mastered, and as usual, the first star comes at 75 harvests. Remember, if you're after those exclusive mastery signs, you'll really need to purchase at least the French Bread Tree, or hope that a friend sends you one out of the goodness of their heart.

Both of these trees will only be available for the next 12 days, so shop fast so as to not miss your chance at them.

Will you purchase either of these trees for your land? What do you think of the look of these French Bread Trees? Would you purchase them if they were cheaper, or just went for coins? Sound off in the comments.
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