FarmVille Crafting Silo Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with today's launch of the Crafting Silo in FarmVille comes a trio of new goals to loosely introduce you to the feature. You'll receive some building materials, trees, and other goodies for completing them, so make sure to start working on them as soon as you can to help yourself out down the road. Here's a guide to help you get started:

A Place for Everything

Place Your Silo
Get 6 Building Permits
Harvest 100 Carrots

Odds are, if you're looking at the goal window, you've already placed the Silo, as you're prompted to do so upon first logging into the game. If not, you'll be able to find your Crafting Silo in your Gift Box (that is, if it's already rolled out to your game). As for the Building Permits, you'll be able to ask helpful neighbors to send you some via individual gift requests. Finish this goal and you'll earn 100 XP, 1,000 coins and two each of Hinges, Screwdrivers and Tin Sheets. Remember, those building materials go towards actually constructing your Crafting Silo, so don't throw them out!

Everything in its Place

Harvest 10 Sheep
Harvest 100 Fruit Crops
Harvest 2 Apple Trees

This one is definitely easier than the last, as you can do everything on your own, without the need for friends' help. Plus, if you don't have Apple Trees, they can purchased in the store for coins, so you won't be out any Farm Cash either. For putting this goal to rest, you'll receive 2,500 coins, 250 XP and a Tool Rack.

Put it All Together

Get 6 Burlap Sacks
Make 1 Fertilize All
Get 9 Bushels from Friends

You'll need to once again rely on friends to finish the Burlap Sacks task by asking them to send you six, while you can make a Fertilize All inside your Craftshop. For the Bushels, remember that you don't have to gather a particular kind, so use the time to gather some that you really need, since at least they won't go to waste (or take up valuable space in your inventory limit). Complete this final goal and you'll receive 500 XP, 5,000 coins, two Rainbow Cherry (Apple?) Trees - this gift is currently glitched for wall post sharing - and two Rainier Cherry Trees.

Remember, if you plan on putting off finishing these goals until a later date, they'll only be available for the next two weeks, so your procrastination time is limited. Don't be like me, farmers. Start on these goals now, while your friends are all working on them as well, and you'll likely have a fairly easy time of it.

[Top Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the requirements and prizes for these new Crafting Silo goals? What do you think of the Crafting Silo feature itself? Are you a fan of having more functional buildings on your land, or are you all about the decorations? Sound off in the comments.