FarmVille Bug Report: Crafting Silo goals currently impossible for some players


Guess what? The newest Crafting Silo goals in FarmVille, released just last evening, are bugged. They're not just suffering from one bug, but two. One of these bugs is so bad, that it has crippled the goals, making them impossible for many farmers to finish in their current state. The first bug comes when trying to complete Part II: Everything in its Place. This goal asks you to harvest "100 Fruit Crops." While that may sound great, as you can choose exactly which fruit you'd like to grow based on price, growing time or current mastery level, when users go to harvest them, the progress doesn't count. Lovely.

Obviously, then, the only way to pass that goal currently (that is, if you're one of the accounts the bug has hit) would be to pay Farm Cash to do so. [UPDATE: You can also reportedly harvest these crops by hand for them to count, rather than using any of your farming vehicles]. Zynga knows about the problem, and has marked it as "known" on the game's official forums, but you might want to hold off on harvesting any of your fruit crops for as long as you can to make sure you're not wasting time and resources only to have to start all over later.

The second goal is less impactful, but still a bit annoying. Apparently, there's been a typo in the game's coding, as the final goal Part III: Put it All Together, is supposed to allow you to share Rainbow Cherry Trees with friends on your wall. Instead, users are receiving Rainbow Apple Trees. It's not as though Rainbow Apple Trees are incredibly abundant in the game, so I know many users might be excited to see more, but that's simply not the way the goal is supposed to work. This too has been marked as a known issue by Zynga, but we can see it being fixed later than the former bug as it doesn't really impact your ability to finish, that is, if you've managed to get that far.

It's not as though bugs and glitches are entirely unheard of in FarmVille (quite the opposite is true, actually), but perhaps with time we'll finally reach a point where all new events in FarmVille won't be immediately plagued by issues. A girl can dream, right?

Have you found yourself stuck on the second goal in this Crafting Silo series? Have you received phantom Rainbow Apple Trees that were supposed to be Cherry Trees? Should Zynga give out extra free trees to all users to make up for it? Sound off in the comments.