Denver Hail Storm Strands 1,000 Travelers Overnight In Airport

AP File

A severe storm hit the Denver area on Wednesday night, stranding 1,000 passengers at the Denver airport.

A 15-minute hail storm hit the airport between 9 and 10pm, damaging roughly 40 grounded planes, the Denver Post reports.

Airport spokeswoman Laura Coale told the Associated Press that stranded passengers weren't given blankets or cots because airline representatives didn't request them.

Yet Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also found himself stranded and took to Twitter to explain that he was given a conference room to sleep in, adding: "We slept on the floor in a conference room (security recommended it) on the A concourse. Airport staff grabbed us a blanket and small pillow."

There were numerous cancellations on Thursday. An airport media release on Thursday said: "Cancelations were reported this morning as 31 arrivals and 32 departures; however, the number is increasing as United has reported they have canceled 38 departures and 56 arrivals."

WATCH a passenger's video from a plane below:
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