CityVille Zoo Arctic Habitat: Everything you need to know

CityVille Arctic Zoo Habitat
CityVille Arctic Zoo Habitat

Penguins! Sorry for the outburst, but the fourth habitat for the Zoo in CityVille has arrived. It's the Arctic Habitat, and it has some adorable new animals to collect inside, namely penguins. However, you must be at least Level 20 to access the new critters, though it's doubtful many of you should be concerned with that.

What you should be concerned with, however, is that you must have unlocked every animal in the Mountain Habitat to unlock this one. The Arctic Habitat will appear with a new Goal simply titled "New Arctic Habitat!" that allows you to place and build the new area in your Zoo. Your reward for completing this Goal is a measly 80 Goods, but this is just the beginning.

Arctic Habitat:

  • Size: 4 x 4

  • Cost to Build: 6 Energy

  • Population: 50

Dall Sheep
King Penguin
Musk Ox

Arctic Habitat Animals:

  • Snow Owl: Common

  • Walrus: Common

  • Musk Ox: Common

  • Dall Sheep: Uncommon

  • King Penguin: Uncommon

  • Polar Bear: Rare

Polar Bear
Snow Owl

In order to acquire more animals for your Arctic Habitat, you must ask friends for donations to your Zoo. However, the items within those donations are random, and can contain anything from new animals to old animals and decorations. However, sending donations to your friends also gives you a freebie, which effectively doubles your chances of getting new animals. Well, you could always buy them for straight City Cash ... nah.

[Source and Image Credits: Zynga, CityVille Wiki]

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