CityVille: Collect building parts to add two more floors to your Mall


If you're like me, you probably rejoiced at the idea of the Mall in CityVille, only to be disappointed when it filled up so quickly. If only there was a way to add more businesses to the Mall to save more space than before. A-ha! What's this? Zynga has apparently listened to that idea, as they have added two additional floors to the Mall for your building and business-storing pleasure. Of course, you'll have to work for them (darn it).

Floors four and five can only be accessed by those users that have already completed all construction on the Mall up to level three. From there, the process for upgrading is the same: fully staff the floor by asking your friends to come "work" in your Mall, and then collecting tons of building materials to actually complete the process. Sure, there's a lot of work involved here, but the reward is sweet: freeing up much needed land space that can be used for anything from new homes and businesses to decorative landscaping or crops.

Hopefully, the user response to these two additional floors will be positive enough for Zynga to realize that even five floors isn't enough. A limitless amount of floors in our Malls? Now that's more like it. C'mon Zynga: make it happen!

Are you happy to see two new floors added to the Mall, even if it means more work to unlock them? Do you think unlocking them is too difficult a process, or do the ends justify the means? Sound off in the comments.