CityVille Burger Joint Upgrades: Everything you need to know


Whether you like it or not, upgrades seem to be the wave of the future in CityVille, as the Burger Joint is now the next building in an ever-increasing line of businesses that can be upgraded in your town. If you like the appearance and stats of your Burger Joint as it stands currently, you can only put off upgrading by never collecting from or supplying the business again, so keep that in mind. At the very least, you can not ask your friends for help, which will slow down the process a bit.

If you're in the mood to upgrade, though, here's a look at the steps necessary. First, you'll need to collect 50 points to upgrade form your current Level 1 to Level 2. You can ask a few friends to help you, with each friend adding two bonus points to your total. Otherwise, you'll earn a point every time you collect from and supply a Burger Joint in your town. At Level 2, your Burger Joint will produce 420 coins for every 115 Goods, which is up from 240 coins and 75 Goods at its default level.

To reach Level 3, you'll need to complete the process all over again, earning more points or asking more friends to help you. Your Level 3 Burger Joint will not only look much taller than the original form, but you'll also earn 580 coins for every 145 Goods supplied to it. Of course, you can make those profits even larger by adding nearby decoration bonuses, but that's voluntary.

As it stands, you now have a plentiful supply of businesses and buildings to upgrade, but don't think that Zynga is going to stop there. If you'd like to get these upgrades out of the way quickly, here's a tip: only restock the Burger Joint and nothing else. Your citizens will flock to the only open business in your town, and points will come much faster than before. Happy upgrading!

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What do you think of these CityVille business upgrades? Have you kept up with all of the upgrades released so far, or do you just let upgrades happen on their own, without any extra help from your actions? Sound off in the comments.