CityVille Bastille Day Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Bastille Day
CityVille Bastille Day

If you happen to be French, enjoy the day off (we hope). If you happen to be French and a CityVille fan, enjoy the day off and a new set of goals in the game, courtesy of Zynga. A set of three Goals in honor of Bastille Day has been released to the game.

And all three will unlock some interesting French-inspired buildings and decorations that you can enjoy even if you're from the states. (Well, unless you're still miffed about that whole French Fries fiasco.) Anyway, here's everything you need to know about these new Goals:

1. Vive La France!

  • Have 1 Parisian Fountain in your City

  • Collect from 25 Businesses

  • Collect 4 Baguettes

The Parisian Fountain can be found in the Build menu under the Decorations tab for a simple 1,000 Coins. Then, collecting from 25 Businesses should be easy enough, unless you're the type who focuses on having just a few souped up ones. The four Baguettes are found through bugging your friends to send them. Once you finish these tasks, the French Cafe Business will be unlocked for you.

2. Bon Appetit!

  • Ask for 7 Berets

  • Build a French Cafe

  • Collect from your French Cafe 5 times

Of course, the only way to find the seven Berets is to ask your friends. Building the French Cafe requires you to be at least Level 20, costs 3,000 Coins and takes 5 Energy to build. Then, all you need to do is collect from it five times, which should be relatively quick considering it only takes 150 Goods. Completing this Goal will reward you with 640 Coins.

French Cafe
Dordogne Duplex
Parisian Fountain

3. Fireworks du Jour

  • Collect from the Dordogne Duplex

  • Harvest 45 Cabbages

  • Send 25 Tour Buses to your neighbors French Restaurants

The Dordogne Duplex can be found in the New tab under the Build menu, and is a residence that costs 6,000 Coins and requires 6 Energy to build. Then, just collect from it once and this task is complete. Harvesting 45 Cabbages will cost a total of 2,880 Coins and take at least 1.6 days at base Mastery. The challenge of this Goal is finding friends who are actually participating as well, but you'll finish it in due time. Once finished, the French Garden will be unlocked for you.

[Source: CityVille Wiki]

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