Cafe World Sushi Station Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with the new Sushi Station in Cafe World comes an announcement concerning a set of accompanying goals that will ask you to serve a ton of seafood dishes, along with introducing you to some entirely new dishes as rewards. As a fair warning, there are seven goals here to complete, apparently because Zynga simply doesn't know how to listen (read?). Complaining aside, let's jump straight into the steps needed to put these goals to rest sooner, rather than later.

A Cut Above

Place your Sushi Station
Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 15 Times
Spice 5 of your Neighbor's Dishes

Thankfully, none of these tasks are particularly taxing. The only one that will take some time is the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, but even then, the dish cooks in 30 minutes (thank goodness). The ease of this goal series won't last for long though, so appreciate it while you can.

Gone Fishin'

Complete building the Sushi Station
Collect 6 Bags of Rice
Complete 5 Eat Missions

The Sushi Station will likely take you quite a while to finish, unless you have an abundance of active neighbors on your account that are ready to quickly send you the ingredients necessary. Check out our complete guide for details. Meanwhile, you'll also have to ask your friends for the Bags of Rice. In a time-saving addition, you can now complete Eat Missions directly from your neighbor bar (click on a friend's picture and click on "Today's Dish"), so don't feel like you have to visit friends (and wait through long loading times) to finish this one off entirely. Finish this goal and you'll receive the Avocado Roll recipe, which you'll need next.

Wasabi Hobby

Collect 10 Bunches of Wasabi
Serve 5 Avocado Rolls
Serve Fruit Punch 16 Times

Fruit Punch can be served from your Drink Bar, so remember to claim some free energy from your friends' wall posts if you don't have enough to do this in one sitting. As for the Wasabi - you guessed it - ask some friends to help you out.

Fishy Business

Collect 6 Octopi
Serve 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls
Get 6 Eels

Yet again, you're left to bu-- err, ask your friends for ingredients, and will be rewarded with another free recipe for your time: the Caterpillar Roll. If you didn't like the amount of item requests so far, then brace yourself, as it's about to get a bit worse.

Get Out of Your Shell

Collect 6 Urchins
Serve 5 Caterpillar Rolls
Collect 8 Sweet Shrimp

Ok, so the item collection didn't get so bad here, but it did increase, so the point stands. Finishing this goal gives you the Uni recipe. Keep pressing forward chefs; we're almost done.

On a Roll

Get 8 Seaweed Packages
Serve 6 Uni
Get 6 Ginger Roots

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, aren't I? Ask your friends for the cooking ingredients, serve a few dishes and let's move onto the next (final!) goal in this series.

The Deadliest Dish

Get 12 Fugu
Serve 5 Sushi Boats
Collect 12 Antidotes

This goal brings in the real-world dish Fugu, or Pufferfish, which can actually kill you if not prepared correctly. Hopefully, once you've received this recipe (the reward for this final goal), Chef Takeshi will be skilled enough to not send your virtual guests to the hospital or worse!

Remember, if you don't see any of these dishes immediately in your game, you'll need to not only complete these goals to receive some along the way, but also finish construction on your Sushi Station, as Chef Takeshi brings a few with him as well. Good luck to all who attempt these goals. Do your best to not become overwhelmed with all of the other tasks we've seen released recently, and I'm sure you'll finish them in time.

What do you think of the Sushi Station goals? Are you tired of Zynga releasing so many goals and pieces of cooking equipment so quickly, or do you relish the challenge? Sound off in the comments.