Naked Man Arrested Near JFK Airport Fuel Depot

A naked man swam to a beach near JFK International Airport, shimmied over a fence and was heading toward the jet fuel depot when he was caught by guards on Tuesday.

The New York Post reports that Greg Rodriguez, 30, was skinny-dipping off a nearby beach before he made a run for the highly-sensitive storage facility. According to the AP, Rodriguez will have a psychiatric evaluation.

New York Port Authority spokesman Steven Coleman told the wire service that the man did not manage to enter the restricted area near the fuel and that he had been spotted by patrols when he was still in the water.

In February, Russel Defreitas, a former baggage handler, was sentenced to life in prison for plotting to blow up the fuel depot with the help of an al-Qaida operative. Defreitas' attorney argued that his client was not a serious threat because his plan to send ninjas to blow up the facility seemed less than practical.

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