House of the Day: Builders Really Nail Pixar's 'Up' Home

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Balloons aren't liable to carry away a house recently completed in Herriman, Utah, but a quick look could fool you into believing otherwise. Bangerter Homes of South Jordan, Utah, recently constructed a replica of the balloon-propelled home in Pixar's animated film "Up" which resembles the dwelling right down to the last detail.

From the custom-made shingles and steep-pitched roof down to a hand-carved bird resting on its mantel, the home in the Salt Lake City suburb has been painstakingly constructed to replicate an abode which, until now, has only existed in digital form.

"We've really gone over and above to match the detailing," said Adam Bangerter, who runs Bangerter Homes with his two brothers. "If you see it in the movie, we've done it."

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House of the Day: Builders Really Nail Pixar's 'Up' Home

Like the home featured in the movie, the house has a cottage-like porch, scalloped shingles, a rainbow-colored exterior, purple window trim and sweeping bays. Bangerter and his associates watched the film "hundreds of times" in order to glean as much as they could of its architectural nuances. Then they filled in the gaps, mostly relating to interior layout, from their own imagination.

The 2,800 square-foot home boasts four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a living room, family room, basement (perhaps the only feature of the home which does not exist in the film) and a walk-in pantry.

Adam's brother, Blair, originally conceived of building the house after watching "Up" and, for fun, began drafting a blueprint "to see if he could make it work." When Blair's blueprint matured, the two moved to obtain permission from Disney, Pixar's owner.

To their delight, Disney embraced the idea, granting them the right to build the home on condition that it gain ownership of the building plans.

"Miraculous, is the only word I can use to describe it because it just doesn't happen," he said of Disney's decision. "The stars must have just aligned."

Pixar could not be reached for comment.

While Bangerter admits that the home "may not be for everyone," he said that his company has already received several inquiries since it went on the market a week ago at $400,000. Situated in a new housing development, there are no neighbors around to be ticked off, or charmed, by its cartoonish appearance -- so far. But it has generated a lot of buzz, with a "constant stream of traffic" as locals drop by to marvel at its carefully crafted details.

Bangerter is crossing his fingers that some of the film's creators -- and perhaps even its voice actors -- will pay a visit. He's already gotten word that "they're thrilled so far with what they've seen."

On a recent evening, the home builder, who would be excused for wanting to take a rest from watching "Up," still found himself immersed in the movie with his daughter, a big fan of the flick.

Whenever the house, which he spent four months re-creating, appeared on screen, he had only one thought, he said: "'Oh, man, right on."

Ron Nelson of Bangerter Homes will be handling the listing.

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