Earn two free FarmVille Farm Cash from Fuse's CeeLo Green promotion


Over the last month, we've seen not one, but two Fuse promotions launch in FarmVille, offering players free Farm Cash for completing short activities. In this case, three doesn't seem to be a crowd, as a third promotion has launched advertising CeeLo Green's "Talking to Strangers."

To start this activity, click on the sponsored link button beneath the gameplay area. From there, you'll see the activity window below, which automatically plays a trailer for the new show. Afterwards, you'll see a quiz that has you identifying celebrities based on altered pictures (hint: the celebrities are seen in the trailer, so it'll be easier if you can remember the clothes they were wearing). There are four questions, but it doesn't appear that incorrect answers really penalize you (especially helpful if you're not a big music fan). Just answer the questions any way you'd like, and you'll be rewarded with your sweet, sweet Farm Cash.

Whether you save that Farm Cash or immediately spend it is up to you, but either way, make sure to not miss your chance at it, as it's absolutely free.

Have you had this particular Fuse promotion appear on your farm? What will you do with your free Farm Cash? Are you saving up for something in particular? Sound off in the comments.