FarmVille Crafting Silo is here with new recipes and Mastery signs

FarmVille Crafting Silo
FarmVille Crafting Silo

After numerous rumors and sneak peeks, the Crafting Silo in FarmVille has arrived. Well, it's rolling out slowly, at least. The new building will take special materials when you harvest Trees and Animals on your farm like Manure, Yarn, Milk, Flowers and more. Then, the building will take those materials and send them over to the existing Craftshop to create new recipes.

Better yet, those new recipes will have their very own Mastery signs. The Crafting Silo has three levels of development, so we imagine the interface for the building will look much like previous releases like the Storage Cellar. However, whether the Silo automatically takes these resources or we have to put them into the SIlo manually is unknown. But what we do know is that the Crafting Silo is most likely built with Hinges, Screwdrivers and Tin Sheets--all of which can be found in the Free Gifts page. Such is life with slow roll outs, but you'll learn more as soon as we do.

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