CityVille Go Green Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Go Green Goals
CityVille Go Green Goals

Now that you can reach Level 90 in CityVille, it's time to take that smog-smothered metropolis of yours and give it a green hue. Zynga has pushed the Go Green Goals to the game, and there are some attractive rewards to get your mitts on. However, you must be at least Level 80 to access these new Goals, sorry newbies.

1. Emission Impossible:

  • Place Windmill

  • Get 25 Petitions for a Wind Farm

  • Reward: Garden Shop

2. Nip It In The Bud:

  • Collect from your Garden Shop 10 times

  • Harvest 240 Tomatoes

  • Collect from 25 Trains

  • Reward: Unlock Recycling Plant

3. Reuse The Force:

  • Collect 40 Shipping Routes from Sydney

  • Collect from 80 Neighbor Residences

  • Collect from any Recycling Plant 1 time

  • Reward: Unlock Eco House

Garden House
Recycling Plant
Eco House
Eco Skyscraper

4. The Sky's The Limit!:

  • Collect from 80 Neighbor businesses

  • Collect from any level 3 City Hall 3 times

  • Ask friends for 25 Solar Panels

  • Reward: Unlock Eco Skyscraper

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Info]

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