Cafe World Lights Camera Cook Goals: Everything you need to know


It turns out that the Movie Warp Party Catering Order in Cafe World hasn't been the only mention of Hollywood and film-making in the game recently, as Zynga has announced the release of a new goal series entitled "Lights, Camera, Cook" to go along with it. This set has five individual goals, each of which rewards you with either a "Romantic"-themed decoration, or a new recipe for cooking. Since these goals will likely take you quite a while as it is, let's not waste time with anymore introductions. Here's the guide!

Lights, Camera, Cook I

Serve or ask for 5 Lox Bagel
Serve 5 Powdered French Toast
Serve 5 Buttermilk Pancakes

Lox Bagel only takes three hours to cook, so it's interesting that we've been given an "Ask for" option here. Still, if you know you have a lot of friends that play throughout the day, I suppose it's worth sending out a few requests while you focus on cooking other things. Speaking of, the Powdered French Toast takes 20 minutes to cook, while the Buttermilk Pancakes take 45 minutes. You'll receive four Romantic Tables for finishing this first goal.

Lights, Camera, Cook II

Serve or Ask for 25 Stuffed Mushrooms
Ask for 5 Make Up Boxes
Ask for 5 Movie Lights

Here's a case where you may want to skip asking for the servings of the Stuffed Mushrooms, and focus your daily limited requests on the Make Up Boxes and Movie Lights instead. As it stands, Stuffed Mushrooms do take a full day to cook, so I can understand the draw of asking your friends for servings to speed up your journey to 25, but just make sure you don't waste all of your gift requests in one place. Completing this second goal gives you four Romantic Chairs, to go along with those tables you just received.

Lights, Camera, Cook III

Serve or ask for 40 Vegas Buffet
Serve 10 Vegetarian Tamales
Ask for 15 Bitter Sweet Chocolates

Each Vegas Buffet takes 9 hours to cook, while Vegetarian Tamales are ready after just one hour. Completing this goal gives you a Romantic Wall Light, or sconce, if you prefer.

Lights, Camera, Cook IV

Serve or ask for 20 Delicious Chocolate Cake
Ask for 9 All-Purpose Flour
Ask for 9 Movie Lights

Yet again, if you don't have a very large amount of friends that play Cafe World, your best bet would be to simply cook the Delicious Chocolate Cakes yourself (mmm, cake) for 14 hours, and use all of your requests for these two items that can only be received that way (or by spending Cafe Cash, which is worse). Finishing this goal will see you earning an additional three Romantic Wall Lights, so that each of your four tables can have a romantic bit of lighting.

Lights, Camera, Cook V

Serve or ask for 50 Creme Fraiche Caviar
Serve of ask for 20 Impossible Quiche
Ask for 19 Bitter Sweet Chocolate

Creme Fraiche Caviar takes just 30 minutes to cook, while Impossible Quiche takes a whopping two days. If you have any of these servings saved up in your Gift Box, or have spices that will speed up the cooking process, now would definitely be the time to consider using them. Your hard work pays off at the end of this goal, though, as not only will you have completed the entire goal series, but you'll also receive the Romantic Brownie Sundae recipe as a reward.

One final thought chefs: If you're at all interested in finishing these goals, you'll want to start them as soon as possible, as the movie shoot wraps in your game on July 20. After that point, it's likely that the accompanying Catering Order will vanish as well, so stop everything and work on these tasks now while you can.

What do you think of the rather short time limit associated with these goals? Will you attempt to finish them in time, or will you simply skip them to work on other things? Sound off in the comments.