Brazil Plane Crash Kills All 16 On Board

Associated Press
A twin engine plane crashed in northeast Brazil on Wednesday, killing all 16 people on board.

The flight, operated by Noar Airlines, took off at around 7am local time from Recife en route to Natal, the Associated Press reports.

Crew reported problems immediately after take-off; the pilot tried to land on a beach near Recife but instead had a hard landing on an empty lot of a residential area, according to the BBC.

Witnesses told the AP that they saw at least one passenger pleading for help upon landing, gesturing to onlookers, but the plane burst into flames before anyone could escape the aircraft.

Witness Erandir Rodrigues da Silva told a local paper, "I saw a woman in a window (of the plane) asking for help and it just exploded. There was nothing to be done."

Recife Fire Chief Valdyr Oliveira a local radio station that the fire was controlled quickly and that investigators are already looking for clues into what caused the crash, adding, "The pilot was able to land, but the impact caused an explosion.

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